Press Release

November 17, 2023

YASSI Introduces SAFE

First of Its Kind "State Agency Fraud Elimination" Service to Streamline and Automate Vehicle Registration and Title Fraud Prevention

MADISON, Wis., Sept. 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- AAMVA Annual International Conference 2023 – Yotta Automated Software Solutions, Inc. (YASSI), a leading innovator in vehicle and driver data access and automation, today announced the launch of YASSI SAFE (State Agency Fraud Elimination). SAFE is the latest YASSI data service, purpose built to combat the dramatic rise in vehicle registration fraud faced by motor vehicle agencies across the US.

Nearly 300 million vehicles were registered in the US last year alone. As vehicles frequently change hands, including increasingly across state lines, there has been growing fraud and attempted fraud, made possible in large part because there is no reliable, fast or unified way to verify essential vehicle and title information. YASSI SAFE solves this problem, streamlining data access, verification and workflow processes, and ensuring seamless and accurate vehicle information to support legitimate transfers and avoid fraud.

Key features of YASSI SAFE include:

Real-time Verification of Essential Data: Leveraging YASSI's rapidly expanding network of secure, proprietary integrations to state Motor Vehicle Agencies across the US, YASSI SAFE offers real-time title and vehicle verification using state authenticated Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs), the universally accepted source of truth for accurate vehicle identification.

Always Available, Nationwide SAFE API & Web Portal: Authorized users can swiftly and securely access the vehicle information they need from or within any available state, giving agencies and their operators the tools and technology they need to identify and prevent fraud before happens.

Secure & Reliable: YASSI utilizes advanced Asymmetric Public-Private Key Pair Encryption technology to facilitate secure and efficient data exchange between state motor vehicle agencies, and maintains a 99.99% system uptime rating, so services are always available wherever and whenever they are needed.

"The introduction of YASSI SAFE is about innovation, efficiency and trust," said industry pioneer and YASSI CEO, Robert Rieger. "Transactions across the vehicle and driver ecosystem today must be transparent, swift and safe. YASSI SAFE is our commitment to ensure broad and frictionless access to the data and systems necessary combat vehicle registration fraud in every state and across our industry. SAFE will be available to all participating state agencies, right away."

To learn more about YASSI SAFE, or to schedule a demonstration, please contact