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Powering the Insurance industry with 
real-time actionable data.

YASSI provides the insurance Industry with a single portal to access all of the data you need for Total Loss Claims management; from FNOL to settlement.

Instant Data:

Registered Owner Name

Title Status


License Plate Number

Registered Owner Address

Title Owner Name

State of Registration

Lienholder Name


Registration Expiration Date

Lienholder Address

Registration Blocks & Stops

Branded Title Status

Instant Access to Real-Time Lienholder Information

With YASSI's single API, access instant, up-to-date lienholder data at your fingertips. Make informed decisions based on the most current and accurate information available, streamlining your total loss claims process.

Reduce Processing Times and Increase Efficiency

YASSI's API is designed to significantly reduce your total loss claims processing times. By eliminating the need to manually search for lienholder data, we boost your team's productivity, saving time and resources.

Comprehensive Data at a Glance

Our vast database provides comprehensive lienholder information, leaving no room for discrepancies or missing details. Navigate through the complexities of auto claims effortlessly with all the necessary data in one place.

Improve Accuracy and Mitigate Risk

By offering real-time lienholder data, YASSI aids in reducing the risk of error in your total loss claims process. Improve the accuracy of your decisions and mitigate the potential for costly mistakes.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

With faster, more efficient claims processing, you not only improve your workflow but also enhance customer satisfaction. Deliver a smoother, faster claims process for your policyholders, boosting their trust and loyalty to your service.

Seamless Integration

YASSI's API integrates seamlessly with your existing software systems. Our robust compatibility ensures you experience a smooth and uninterrupted workflow, reducing downtime and increasing overall efficiency.

Accessible 24/7

Our API is available 24/7, ensuring you have access to critical lienholder information whenever you need it. We are dedicated to supporting your operations at all hours, helping you meet demanding timelines and deliver high-quality service.

One platform, two workflows.

Unmatched Customer Support

Benefit from our dedicated customer support, always ready to assist with any technical issues or queries. Partner with YASSI and enjoy a service that prioritizes your success.

With YASSI, leverage the power of instant owner, lienholder and vehicle information for a faster, more accurate, and efficient total loss claims process. Partner with us today and redefine the way you manage your auto insurance claims.

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