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Powering the future of digital titling.

YASSI has built the digital infrastructure needed to securely and accurately verify title and registration data between dealers, consumers and motor vehicle agencies across the nation.

Access Real-Time Vehicle Registration, Lien and Titling Data

Gain immediate access to real-time data on vehicle registration, lien, and titling. This vital information, directly from state motor vehicle agencies, provides an accurate and up-to-date snapshot of the vehicle's status.

Reduce Future Titling Issues

By providing instant access to accurate titling data, YASSI allows you to spot potential issues early and take preventive action. This proactive approach can save you from future complications, disputes, and bad reviews, preserving your reputation and customer relationships.

Accelerate Your Trade-In and Acquisition Process

By offering comprehensive, real-time data about vehicle registrations, liens, and titles, swiftly verify the reg and title status of vehicles you're acquiring. This expedited process ensures a smoother and quicker transaction, which not only increases efficiency but also enhances customer satisfaction.

Eliminate Time-Consuming Manual Data Checks

YASSI eradicates the need for laborious, manual data checks. With real-time access to comprehensive vehicle data, retailers save precious hours that would have been spent on tracking down and verifying information. The single API portal or web-based application simplifies data checks, increasing productivity and freeing up staff to focus on more crucial tasks.

Reduce Fraud and Increase Transaction Turnaround Time

YASSI's real-time, accurate data reduces the risk of fraudulent transactions by providing a clear, comprehensive view of the vehicle's registration and title status. As a result, suspicious activities can be detected and addressed promptly. Additionally, having all necessary data at your fingertips helps auto retailers accelerate their transaction turnaround time, leading to increased efficiency and profitability.

Streamline DMV Documentation Process

YASSI streamlines this process by providing real-time access to all necessary data, helping your team to efficiently fill out and submit forms to the DMV. This functionality not only simplifies paperwork but also ensures all documentation is accurate and compliant with state regulations.

One platform, two workflows.

Unmatched Customer Support

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