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Vehicle Records

Confirm registered owners, legal owners, and titling information. Check for any outstanding registration fees or penalties. Know everything the DMV knows using YASSI.

Driving Records

Access Motor Vehicle Reports (MVR’s) “to do everything from qualifying applicants and verifying DL status, to checking citations and accidents.

Plug & Play API

Our Plug & Play API offers limitless integration opportunities. Regardless of your system platform or architecture, our development team will ensures a seamless integration experience.

Become an Integration Partner

No Integration Cost

All initial setup and integration is handled by YASSI’s development team, passing none of the cost onto our clients. Once the integration is live, all client facing support is funneled through our support team, ensuring no increase in budget or headcount for our clients.

Custom Templates

Choose from a number of existing record templates with information specialized to your workflow. If one of the existing templates isn’t exactly what you need, let us know and we’ll work with you to design what you’re looking for.

Batch Requests

Running individual records can be time consuming when you have dozens, or even hundreds to run. YASSI allows bulk requests of records, regardless of the requested amount.

Mobile Access

YASSI’s mobile application offers access to DMV records, whether you’re in the office or on-site looking at a vehicle.  Real time requests allow you to verify existing registered and legal owner information, while also checking for potential late registration fees and penalties.

Industries we serve

Auto Auctions

The new way for Auctions to access DMV data.


Protect your Business and your Margins.

Financial Institutions 

Vehicle Records. Integrated, Automated, and Secure.

Insurance Solutions

Increased security, reduced risk.

Custom Solutions

Do you have a unique use case that requires a custom solution? We have you covered.

Leverage the power of automation to bring your business to the next level.
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