User Security and DMV Compliance Are at the Forefront of Our System.

From login to reporting, and every step in between, measures are in place to ensure your data is safe.

The Challenge System ensures the person using the application is the device’s owner, keeping personal information safe.

Machine learning is leveraged to provide continuous threat detection against potential vulnerabilities and attack vectors.

Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) standards are enforced, complete with auditing trails for all user activity.

YASSI enforces compliance with all privacy and DMV security regulations.


Duplicity means Reliability. If a system goes down, one of our stand-bys automatically kicks in without interruption to our customers.Our nearly 100% uptime is verified by a 3rd-party monitoring company.

Industries we serve

Auto Auctions

The new way for Auctions to access DMV data.


Protect your Business and your Margins.

Financial Institutions 

Vehicle Records. Integrated, Automated, and Secure.

Insurance Solutions

Increased security, reduced risk.

Custom Solutions

Do you have a unique use case that requires a custom solution? We have you covered.

Leverage the power of automation to bring your business to the next level.
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