Financial Institutions

Vehicle Records. Integrated, Automated, and Secure.

Confirming successful titling of a financed vehicle is an integral part of the car buying process. Request vehicle records in real time, either individually or in batches, using YASSI’s web interface of available API. Our motor vehicle reports will give you 100% confidence that your company is correctly listed as the legal owner for recently titled vehicles.

Plug & Play API

Our Plug & Play API was designed and engineered in such a way to offer limitless integration opportunities. Regardless of your system platform or architecture, our development team ensures a seamless integration experience.

No-Cost Integration

All initial setup and integration is handled by YASSI’s development team, passing none of the cost onto you.


Secured by the same level of data encryption used by the NSA and Department of Defense, our end to end encrypted data is backed up by redundant data centers and machine learning for constant threat detection.

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