Protect Your Business and Your Margins.

Don’t buy vehicles blind! YASSI provides vehicle records that allow you to:

Simply scan a VIN using your mobile device and receive a real time vehicle record request.

Confirm existing owner, lender information and check for any outstanding registration fees and penalties.

Have multiple vehicles you need a record for?

No problem, with our batch lookup you can get all of the information you need at once.

Away from your dealership or at an auction?

You can access vehicle records anywhere, anytime from your phone or tablet.

Plug & Play API

Our Plug & Play API was designed and engineered in such a way to offer limitless integration opportunities. Regardless of your system platform or architecture, our development team ensures a seamless integration experience.

No Integration Cost

All initial setup and integration is handled by DMV Solution’s development team, passing none of the cost onto our clients. Once the integration is live, all client facing support is funneled through our support team, ensuring no increase in budget or headcount for our clients.

Leverage the power of automation to bring your business to the next level.
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