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YASSI is a leader in providing automated solutions to companies across the vehicle industry. On top of our web and mobile applications, we offer a plug and play API for those that wish to integrate their existing products to state agency vehicle databases. This process streamlines requests for vehicle and drivers license information, all via secure encrypted channels. Backed by the best support in the industry, YASSI is your new way to access vehicle and driver data.

Our Team

Bob Rieger

CEO, Chairman, and Co-Founder

YASSI, Inc. is a growing startup with motivated founders who have a history of innovating DMV services. The team is led by Bob Rieger: CEO, Chairman, and co-founder. Bob brings 40 years of experience in the tech industry with an impressive history of engineering, software development, finance, and executive management in startups and Fortune 500 companies. 

An avid automobile collector and racecar driver, Bob personally understood the frustrations one might face as a customer of the California DMV. As an entrepreneur, Rieger recognized the opportunity to significantly improve the vehicle registration process. In 2008 Bob founded AVRS Inc.—a First Line Service Provider (FLSP) for car dealerships, insurance companies, and other client-oriented services that interact with the DMV. As CEO and Chairman, he assembled a talented team to implement his vision of a top-of-the-line product coupled with renowned customer service. Under his leadership, AVRS grew astronomically from a fringe startup to a dominant player in the market that captured 50% of the existing DMV Second Line Business Partners (SLBP). In 2015 Bob sold AVRS to CVR, a partnership of CDK Global and Reynolds & Reynolds.

Prior to AVRS, Bob founded NETCOM Online Communication Services, Inc. (NASDAQ: NETC), a garage-based operation in Silicon Valley that went on to be the first commercial Internet Service Provider growing it to $150MM in annual revenue within six years. The experience of growing a 1-man operation into a publicly traded company confirmed Bob’s belief that if you put customer service first, provide a user-friendly interface, and focus on scalability and reliability, then the masses will follow.

AVRS and NETC were both the results of Rieger’s ability to recognize a problem, visualize a solution, communicate that vision, and then lead a hand-picked talented team to success. Bob continues to innovate and collaborate with his dedicated team on new ventures, including YASSI, Inc.

Patrick Brown


Patrick brings 15 years of experience in software engineering, building large, scalable, customer-facing systems. He designed and implemented the 2nd generation DMV FLSP core technology that enabled AVRS to build the largest customer base in the DMV Services industries. His intimate knowledge of DMV FLSP/SLBP interfaces and services has enabled YASSI to innovate the industry for a second time.

In addition, Patrick worked for various companies and institutions, including developing administrative federated login systems for Samsung products. He holds a B.S. in computer science from Southern Illinois University with doctoral studies in scaling computational and data-intensive workflow systems for the Department of Energy.

Stephanie Delaney

VP of Compliance

Stephanie brings 14 years of DMV/BPA experience to YASSI, Inc. She is our domain expert on Occupational Licensing and DMV/BPA Compliance. She is responsible for making sure all DMV BPA Applications, Processes and Documents are held to the highest standard with DMV. Stephanie’s experience started with another FLSP when it was a local Vehicle Registration Service and grew with the Company as it became the top FLSP in the State. She is the go-to for Company and Customer DMV audits and she makes sure that the Customer is fully prepared and always makes herself available during these times. Stephanie is thrilled to bring her knowledge and experience to YASSI and is looking forward to getting to know you.

Justan Rieger

Operating Officer

Justan Rieger brings over a decade of automotive industry experience to YASSI, having built registration and titling solutions for dealerships and registration services across the country.  Prior to his focus on product based solutions, Justan led a team of account executives that focused on compliance training for California based clients, and established state-wide seminars to make education available for all those who sought it.  Leading operations for YASSI, Justan will ensure that our clients receive the best products and support the industry has to offer.

Lee Perine

VP of Sales and Strategic Partnerships

Lee has more than 11 years of govtech experience that has allowed him to build and grow multiple business units across this industry. He started his career in the electronic vehicle registration world as one of the founding members of AVRS; A First Line Service Provider with the California DMV. Working closely with the state, he was able to bring innovation and improvement to business partners such as car dealerships, Insurance agencies, registration services, among others. Now, as a founding member of YASSI, he will take his experience to focus on scalability, social design and government efficiency.

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